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Welcome to SEVENSTARS Electric, your one-stop supplier of power cable accessories and electrical components. We can provide a wide range of products conform to both American and European standards. Our popular selections of cable accessories are cable connectors and cold shrink terminations. Our flagship electrical power components include the switchgear, disconnect switch, fuse cutout, ring main unit, and much more. SEVENSTARS Electric--always dependable.

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    1. Unscreened Separable Connector <small>(Front)</small>
    2. Unscreened Separable Connector (Front)It is configured with in-built stress cone for stress control, which effectively prevents electric field concentration at the disconnected part of cable semiconducting layer.
    1. Cold Shrink Terminations
    2. Cold Shrink Terminations We fabricate this cold shrink termination using superior silicone rubber insulation and German Dow Corning sizing material. Therefore, this product comes with merits like high elasticity, excellent leakproofness, good corrosion resistance and wonderful hydrophobicity.
    1. Crossarm Insulator
    2. Crossarm InsulatorIt comes with merits like outstanding leakproofness and terrific resistance to acid, alkalinity, aging and high temperature as well. Therefore, the crossarm insulator is absolutely insulated and free from moist.
    1. SF6 Insulated Ring Main Unit
    2. SF6 Insulated Ring Main Unit To meet your requirements, this ring main unit can realize flexible multi-unit combination.
      It is totally maintenance free for your convenience.
    1. High Voltage Disconnect Switch <small>(Single Phase)</small>
    2. High Voltage Disconnect Switch (Single Phase)It is mainly applied to 12kV, 24kV or 50Hz electric power system for electric isolation. Basically, it suits for non - loaded current-carrying high-voltage circuit, high-voltage busbar, circuit breaker and the other electrical equipment.
    1. Fuse Cutout <small>(12/15kV)</small>
    2. Fuse Cutout (12/15kV)Generally, this fuse cutout is applied to 12 or 15kV transformer or main and branch transmission lines, offering short-circuit and overload protection.
  • Cooperation
    1. Clients from Iran

      We get acquainted with Iranian clients via 2008 Hannover Messe. They showed lots of interests in our cable accessories at that time. Soon after, they paid a visit to our factory and were very satisfied with our equipment.

    1. Clients from Italy

      The clients from Italy is very interested in our RMU (ring main unit) and high-voltage laboratory. They think highly of our products after procurement. The RMU we provide is made from eco-friendly materials, 90% of which is reclaimable. Currently, they also show great intention on purchasing other products like screened elbow connector, termination, etc.

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